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Ten days of SloMo action by ScoMo.

Thursday 19th March
With approval from the NSW Health Minister all passengers disembark in Sydney from The Ruby Princess and into the community (without monitoring) rather than being tested on board. They were told [1] they could travel overseas immediately or self-isolate in Sydney for a fortnight. Many travelled interstate.

Friday 20th March
Three test positive [1] (2 passengers, 1 crew). A scramble begins to track down all ex-passengers.

Saturday 21st March
Eventually 48 test positive whereupon the NSW Health Minister expressed regret and is criticised by the Federal Health Minister.

Monday 23rd March
Nevertheless 7 more ships are announced for arrival to disembark in Sydney over the coming 7 days.

Tuesday 24th March
"The total number of cases linked to the ship had climbed to 133", [1] NSW police minister calls it a "monumental stuff up" (video @1m21s).

Saturday 28th March
Tally jumps to 293 infections and much of it has spread into the community.

Sunday 29th March
Fortnight quarantines nationally for all new arrivals (plane/ship), accomodated in hotels and caravan parks.

Monday 30th March
Tally jumps to 440 (10% of all Australian cases).

Monday 30th March
Web site created to track ships stranded outside ports around Australia in real time with passenger & case statistics.

Friday 3rd April
Tally jumps to 600+ (7 dead) as police launch investigation.

Friday 8th April
Death toll now 15 (from ship, out of 50 nationally). 19+ known community transmissions.

Wednesday 22nd April
Ship's doctor tells inquiry she would not have allowed passengers to disembark.

[1] BBC Report 24 March 2020 - "How did Australia's Ruby Princess cruise debacle happen?" .