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Neighbouring Norway's graphs are starkly different, however although Norway is slightly more urbanised (84% vs 80%), it has a lower urban density in Oslo (1400/km2 city, 3300/km2 urban) compared with Stockholm (4800/km2, 3600/km2 urban).

Belgium is omitted for technical reasons.
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven was slow to act. Unusual for a left-wing leader, because most of the casual responses to the CoronaVirus have been by Conservative leaders.

Regardless, the public support him overwhelmingly, in what Washington Post calls "blind patriotism". However W.H.O. gives cautious respect to Sweden for their unique response.

Even if the government wanted to introduce tough lockdown measures the constitution prevents them from doing so. The following indicates that there wasn't much interest in strict measures anyhow...

WedMarch11th5001 Sick leave improved
WedMarch12th6871 500 max crowd limit
MonMarch16th1,1217 Work from home encouraged (not enforced)
WedMarch18th1,30110 Schools/Uni closed (age 16+)
""""" Cinema chain closed (the largest one)
ThuMarch19th1,43911 Non-EU travellers banned from flying in
WedMarch25th2,52662 No bar service, tables only.
FriMarch26th2,84077 Ski after-parties banned
SunMarch29th3,700110 50 max crowd limit.
MonMarch30th4,028146 Regional rail reduced capacity, refunds offered
WedApril1st4,947239 Ski resorts closed & football & elderly asked to stay home
""""" Nursing homes ban visits
FriApril3rd6,131358 International travel discouraged (not banned)
SunApril5th6,224401 Planned rule by decree abandoned.
MonApril6th7,206477 Thousands will die - warns PM
TueApril7th7,693591 Scientists pleading for evidence based policy.
""""" Greater powers for govt in bill starting from 18th.
""""" Subsidised temporary layoffs for employers
SunApril26th18,6402,194 Crackdown on venues re social distancing.
TueApril28th19,6212,355 ICU capacity reached in some (unknown) regions.
MonMay4th22,3172,679 10% of Stockholm has antibodies.
TueMay19th30,799/td>3,743 Economy failing just like its neighbours.

Influential state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell suggests the higher infection rate in aged care homes in Sweden is the main reason why it has had more deaths than its neighbours however this is an invalid deflection if you compare with Norway.

To be fair to him let me point out that, contrary to popular global belief, he does not believe Sweden will reach herd immunity levels.
As you can see on the right, Sweden's infections are far from reaching a plateau.
For the most accurate graphs you need to look at the official Swedish data not Worldometers or OurWorldInData which don't report daily cases as they happen.

However even the official system for reporting numbers means there is a lag in reporting accurate numbers for the last few days (especially weekends).